5 Nutritional Blunders to Avoid

Leonardo Olive Oil November 9, 2015 Benefits of Olive Oil 1582 Views

Whether you’re on a journey to weight loss, are looking maintaining lost weight or are simply aiming to live healthy, there are some nutritional myths you should be aware of. Here’s a list of the top 5 common “healthy eating” blunders you must avoid!

  1. Consuming Fruit Juice (even if it’s 100% real)

Fruit juice, even freshly squeezed, is mostly sugar with the taste of fruit but none of its nutrients. All the good stuff, like the fibre, has been discarded. You’re essentially just drinking sweetened water. The only time it’s fine to drink fruit juice is when your body has undergone strenuous cardio; like if you’ve run a marathon. So if it’s just a normal day, eat the whole fruit!

  1. Not Eating Enough Protein

Protein is one macronutrient that the body needs quite a few calories to metabolise. It burns fat, reduces casual mouth hunger and in general improves your system. The average human needs about 56 grams (men) and 46 grams (women) of protein every day. However, on an average, we intake about 20-22 grams per day. To be healthy, it’s important you stock up on dairy products, pulses, lean meats and lentils!

  1. Skipping Good Fat

Not all fats are bad, thus, eating oily foods isn’t a complete no-no. Instead, try using oils rich in monounsaturated fats like avocado, olive, peanut and walnut, for every day cooking. What you should avoid is trans and saturated fats, like the kinds found in most desserts, cheese and fast foods like burgers and pizzas. Your brain requires the good fats and natural sugar to function effectively, so don’t cut it all out.

  1. Only Counting Calories

Don’t! Although it’s important to expend more calories than you intake to stay fit and maintain a healthy weight, only counting your intake will not help. Far from it. Simply because it’s okay to consume, say, 1000 calories, it’s not okay to gobble them down in deep fried dishes alone. Each macronutrient is important required by your body to function in a healthy manner, and getting the right food groups is way more crucial than sticking to a number.

  1. Skipping Breakfast

This is probably the most common mistake way too many of us make way too often. Eating a healthy low fat breakfast not only kick starts your metabolism, it also prevents you from binge eating at other times of the day. Moreover, mornings are the time you can eat without feeling any guilt because your body has the whole day to burn off the hearty meal, and that’s not a delight you should miss out on.

Avoid these seemingly trivial but major nutritional blunders and you’ll notice a much healthier, more active, you! Myths busted, eh?