7 Little Changes you can make Towards Healthy Living

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With our hectic lifestyles, work pressure, responsibilities etc., how healthy do you think we really are? Make these really minute changes to your everyday lifestyle and notice how you not only look, but feel healthier and just exude energy!

Rise and Shine. Earlier!

Wake up 45 minutes earlier than your usual time. Most of us face rushed mornings and it’ll really surprise you what that extra quarter of an hour can do. Even if you simply spend these 45 minutes by yourself, enjoying your morning cuppa in peace, you’ll notice you have more energy all through the day, just because your mind had time to adjust from ‘asleep’ to ‘awake’ to ‘active’.

Drink up!

This one cannot be stressed enough; stay hydrated, always. So many times, when you think you’re hungry, your body may really just need water. And it isn’t only about thirst; staying hydrated will keep your energy levels up all of the time and will even ensure quicker and easier digestion.

Stay Hydrated
Snack Healthy

Too many of us tend to eat less during the day and then binge eat during dinner. To avoid this, keep little healthy snacks with you; a fruit, granola bars, peanuts and yes, water. If you consume a little something every couple of hours, you won’t feel starved or bereft of energy when it’s time for dinner. Not only will this give you the freedom to munch, you’ll end up eating a more balanced dinner and skipping those manic midnight cravings too.

King’s Breakfast

You’ve probably read this one over and over again but here it is, one more time: eat a heavy, healthy breakfast. Your body has all day to burn it off and you need the energy. Moreover, a heavy breakfast means you don’t feel ravenous when it’s lunch time and you’ll have the freedom to munch on healthy tidbits without worrying about calories all the time.

What’s for Breakfast?

Switch to Olive Oil

The multitude of health and beauty benefits of olive oil are staggering! It prevents diseases, helps cholesterol levels, cleanses your system, keeps your heart healthy and so much more! It’s one of the healthiest fat your body can consume. Cook your meals in olive oil, add it to your salads and notice the difference within days!

Olive Oil Nutritional Facts
Get Physical

It need not be the gym and heavy equipment; just some physical exercise is enough. Take the stairs, walk to the grocer and move around every couple of hours when you’re at your desk. You’ll end up feeling fitter and more energetic! Our favourite tip? Walk around when you’re on a call.

Sleep Earlier

Get into bed by no later than 10 pm, especially on weeknights. It will entirely turn your days around. You’ll wake up feeling fresh and well rested and everything will seem easier when your body gets its much needed snooze time.

None of these changes take up a lot of time during any given day. They’re minor, easy to follow and extremely beneficial for a healthier lifestyle!