A day’s Meal Plan with Olive Oil

Leonardo Olive Oil October 25, 2016 Cooking with Olive Oil 3061 Views

How do you replace your oil’ vegetable oil with olive oil? Here are a number of things you could be cooking up in a day from the time you wake up till when you hit the sack.

BreakfastYour omelettes could be made lighter and tastier by the use of olive oil to make them. Whether poha be your dish of choice or cutlets your breakfast favourite, you can use olive oil to cook these. What’s great is those who love their parathas made hot in the morning, olive oil ensures your parathas are the only thing that’s stuffed!

LunchWhether it is a weekday lunch at work, or a hearty meal for guests you have over, you could be assisting those around you in being healthier. Your colleagues will not just thank you for the tasty fresh vegetables cooked in olive oil; they will also notice that no matter how much they eat, they wouldn’t be left feeling drowsy post the meal. Be it pastas or our go-to roti and veggies, olive oil could help cut some calories.

A hearty lunch with chola bhatura and pav bhaji, though worthy of making the mouth water even at the mention of it, can take quite a toll on our health if eaten often. When Leonardo’s Pomace and Extra-Light oils are used for cooking, the required quantity would be 1/3rd that used of other refined oils! That makes sinning with some shahi paneer, a little easier on the conscience.

We tend to order in or go out for meals often and while we can never be sure of the ingredients used there, we can look into what we’re using at home. A grand lunch with olive oil helps balance taste and health and leaves us feeling satisfied.

SnacksWho doesn’t like their share of pakodas or samosas or even chaat in the evening, this is the one time in the day when we allow ourselves to say yes to all things fried. So don’t make your family or yourself settle for a sandwich when everyone would love a bowl full of padoras. Leonardo’s Pomace oil would be just right for deep-frying these.

Even if you’re a bunch of friends watching a movie together at home, grab a pack of chips and make a lovely dip made of olive oil with garlic or chilli or hummus; an easy fun snack for those lazy afternoons.

DinnerThey say we must keep our dinners light. For dinner you might want some chicken curry or dum-aloo and can always make them lighter by using that bottle of olive oil lying on your kitchen shelf. While some dishes might ask for you to use butter, we know just how heavy that could be on the stomach. You can avoid this by using extra-virgin olive oil as a replacement

If you aren’t looking to have cooked and curried dishes at night, get home from work, cut up some veggies and fruits, add a little seasoning and toss it with a dash of olive oil. How comfortably you and your family sleep, is in your hands.