Amazing Benefits Of Olive Oil For Eyelashes

Amazing benefits of Olive oil for eyelashes
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Olive oil is known for its nourishing qualities and infinite health advantages. It is obtained from the olive fruit by squeezing it out of them. It is believed that it aids in slowing down the progress of some cancers and even heart disease. Abundant in, chlorophyll, carotenoids and vitamins E & K, it is quite effective as an anti-oxidant. Mediterranean women have been benefitted from this oil for centuries. One of the ways they preferred using it was to make their hair lustrous and shinier. Fortunately, this advantage also covers to shorter hairs like your eyelashes.

Long and dark eyelashes make the eyes look beautiful. Attractive eyelashes are certainly something that most women crave for. But, not all of us have those perfect lashes! Women who do not have natural attractive eyelashes, usually go for cosmetic options. Those options make the lashes look thicker, darker, longer and attractive. But possessing natural eyelashes always gets the most compliments.

Benefits of Olive Oil

  • Olive oil is a natural powerhouse of vitamins and nutrients, all of which are beneficial for lustrous hair growth. With consistent use of olive oil, your eyelashes will be properly nourished.
  • Olive oil has amazing stimulates hair growth in terms of the quality and strength of the strands. It makes the hair silkier. The benefits also work on the eye lashes.

How to Apply?

The simplest way to apply the olive oil to lashes is to just to take a clean mascara brush and it dip it into the oil and apply it to your lashes like you would apply your mascara.

Another option would be using ear cleaning buds, immerse one tip into the oil and use saturated end to apply the oil to your lashes and the base of your eyelids. If the buds pick up too much oil, just gently squeeze out the oil with your clean fingers. You do not want to get too much of oil into your eyes.

The other way is to dip cotton ball into the oil and then dab it right on to your eyes.

For best results use extra virgin olive oil. Also, remember to wash off the oil after leaving it on the lashes for about 5 minutes.

Also ensure to remove any the oil in the morning. Oils around the eye area can cause a problem such as puffiness and dark circles around your eyes. So remember to rinse off the oil.

Olive oil provides much needed nourishment to lashes and helps them grow to their ideal length. An added benefit of using olive oil for short lashes is it hydrates the skin around the eyes and prevents development of crow’s feet or wrinkles. Eye lashes fall off naturally and if you strengthen the base, as olive oil does, the lashes can stay on longer and grow naturally. Thus with its moisture rich benefits, it makes eyelashes healthier thus preventing any early breakage.

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