Choose Oil That Restores Food’s Natural Properties

Use olive oil for cooking food
Leonardo Olive Oil October 3, 2015 Cooking with Olive Oil 1602 Views

Have you ever wondered why the ‘greens’ don’t look green enough after being cooked? Why the beans lose their sheen or why the cauliflower turns pale? Are the spices to be blamed? Is something wrong with our cooking method? Could be, but another potent reason, which we all often chose to ignore is our cooking oil. While many of us do not question the credibility of our cooking oil, simply because we have been consuming it for years, there are some who are ready to experiment with their cooking oil quite frequently thinking it is helping their health. Well, both the cases are not correct. We have to follow a balanced approach and be very careful in selecting the cooking oil best suited to our family needs. Here is how you can select a cooking oil that will restore the food’s natural properties.

Do Your Research : Before we delve any further on this topic, it is essential for you to understand certain basics of cooking oil. The most important factor that ascertains oil’s characteristic is the oil’s resistance to oxidation and rancidification, at both low and high flame, and the relative degree of saturation of fatty acids in it. Numerous tests and studies conducted over the years have proved olive oil to be one of the most preferred cooking oils, with best health secrets. So if you are indeed serious about your health and give it the priority it deserves, switch to an olive oil based cooking. However, do not go on hearsay and do your own research. Try the Leonardo Olive Pomace Oil and you will be surprised to see the difference (elaborated further in our second point).

See The Difference : You are the lady of the house; the queen of your kitchen. No one can fool you with false facts and claims unless you notice them yourself. When you switch to Leonardo Olive Pomace Oil, you will notice instant results in various forms. The first and foremost will the quantity of oil, which was being used in a certain dish earlier, will go down drastically. If there were 5 spoons of oil being used initially to cook your favourite potato curry, it will now be cooked in just 3 spoons (if not less) and the look of your dish will also enhance.

Another difference that you can spot is that the food starts tasting more of its natural self and less of just spices and additional garnishing put in it. Many a times we buy foods that have beneficial qualities, which is said to improve our health, but sadly, that does not happen. This is because the cooking oil that we are using eats up the nutritional value of our food and leaves us with just good tasting oily dish. But with the use of Leonardo Olive Pomace Oil, the food’s natural quality will indeed be restored, benefitting the health of you and your family.

Get it Medically Checked : Like I said earlier, don’t believe in hearsay and back your cooking oil change benefit with medical facts. Once you switch to Leonardo Olive Pomace Oil, continue cooking food in it for about two months and upon completion, go for a medical checkup. Better still; send that person for the medical checkup who is already suffering from cholesterol / fat problems. The test results will prove a visible improvement in not just your cholesterol levels, but will also show improved functioning of other organs. Well, if your oil change can achieve all that, what’s stopping you using it on a regular basis?