Here comes Olive Oil to your Rescue!

Leonardo Olive Oil March 22, 2016 Benefits of Olive Oil 6946 Views

If you are an ardent viewer of cookery shows, then you can see that Olive oil is a staple in the majority of dishes prepared by top chefs. Cooking connoisseurs prefer using this oil due to the matchless flavor it brings to the food.

Olive oil is an oily juice extracted from healthy ripe olives, used extensively in the Mediterranean region. People here are revered for their healthy hair and skin. As more people are starting to understand the overall health benefits, its usage is growing in popularity. Olive oil benefits range from reducing cholesterol and blood pressure to strengthening the immune system. And looking at its beauty benefits, nowadays it’s essential in any DIY professional beauty kit, also.

Following are some of the benefits of olive oil:

  • One of the most profound benefits of Olive oil for skin care is that it quickly and easily softens dry skin. Rub warm Olive oil on the body after bath for best results.
  • Olive’s oil skin care benefits are most important for its anti-inflammatory effect on the skin, making it ideal for treating dandruff. Just massaging Extra-virgin Olive oil onto your scalp helps in getting rid of the dryness and soothes any need to scratch your scalp.
  • Olive oil has natural anti-bacterial as well as antifungal properties, making it a harmless, effective and natural way to get rid of head lice. Douse your hair in Olive oil to suffocate the lice and oil the hair to make combing easy. When the lice are combed out of the hair, apply more of it to the scalp and hair and cover with a shower cap. Sleep with the olive oil treatment on the hair to kill any remaining lice and nits – the lice will suffocate in around 5 hours.
  • Take a sip of Olive oil before going to bed. As, it lubricates your throat muscles and controls snoring.
    Very carefully, use a cotton swab to apply lukewarm olive oil on the outside of the ear cavity to help ease earaches and reduce excess wax.
  • To reduce toothache, mix 1 part of clove oil with 3 parts of olive oil.

We hope these Olive oil benefits are able to help you and would love to know more benefits which you would like to share.

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