Improve your Digestion

Olive oil improves digestion
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Given the hectic lifestyle that most of us are living in today, we often tend to suffer from digestion issues. It may be that suddenly we have started facing digestion problems or we could be their victim for long, in either case, it is we who are suffering in the end. Here are few simple steps, which if taken and followed judiciously, can rid us of our digestion problems for life.

Eat High Fibre Diet
We must make a conscious effort to eat foods that have high fibre content, such as, beans, wholegrain and whole meal items, chickpeas, pulses, dry fruits, oats and fresh fruits and vegetables. Once you start incorporating a good quantity of high fibre foods in your diet, you will see an automatic improvement in your digestive system.

Quit / Reduce Smoking and Drinking
There is a strong reason why these are regarded as ‘bad habits’. Consuming alcohol with food and smoking after a meal causes havoc with our digestive system, giving us a bunch of medical complications in return. Thus it is better to quit or at least reduce drinking and smoking drastically, in order to help improve your digestive system.

Eat on Time
Given the hectic working lifestyles that most of us follow today, we often tend to miss out on proper ‘lunch’ and ‘breakfast’ timings. Grabbing a ‘bite’ in between working hours or eating heavy meals at odd hours badly affects our digestive system. We must therefore ensure that we eat our meals on time, be it at home or in office.

Consume Plenty of Water
A bad effect of staying in air conditioning all day is that our water consumption level goes down. Since we are not really sweating our going out in the sun, we are not feeling too thirsty, drinking less water than that desired by our body. Have a bottle of water at your work station and ensure to refill it at least twice a day to ensure that you war drinking enough water required for your digestive system to work right.

Exercise Daily
No we are not asking you to hit the gym right away, though doing that in the long run would be nice, but one must incorporate some form of exercise in one’s daily life. You could opt for either of the morning or evening walk, or simply run on the treadmill for 15 minutes, skip a rope, take the stairs at work or home – doing any of these simple exercises will help improve your digestion immensely.

Start Cooking Food in Olive Oil
Last but not the least, serious or regular digestion problems could also be caused by using incorrect cooking oil. Whatever be your cooking oil, switching over to olive oil, such as Leonardo Olive Pomace Oil will help improve your health immediately as olive oil is not just more spreadable, but also gets absorbed less by the foods being cooked in it. All these qualities make it an easy to digest oil and when it becomes the base of your cooking, eating your favourite food becomes a pleasure and not a pain!