Level Up Your Health With the Ultimate Grocery List

Level up your health with the ultimate grocery list
Leonardo Olive Oil February 21, 2017 Health and Nutrition 7771 Views

Most of us walk into a grocery store staring blankly at the vast selection of goodies, and pick randomly off the aisles.

One of the better ways to eat healthy is by choosing wisely. You must choose foods that are healthful and nutritional. To do so, shop smart and make healthy meals out of it. Make a grocery list beforehand so that you don’t miss out foods you should be eating. Here are the top 5 of grocery shopping list.

1. Variety in veggies and fruits

When it comes to fruits and vegetables, look for a variety of colorful fruits and vegetables. Vegetables give you a boost of vitamins, fiber and are low on fat quotient to keep several health troubles at bay. Make sure fruits such as bananas, apples and oranges are on your list.

2. Whole grain breads only

Bread is one of the everyday used food items. If you eat white sandwich bread slices, you can never be sure of sodium and sugar you have consumed no matter what the label reads. When buying breads, make sure it is whole grains bread and not whole wheat or any other.

3. Olive oil

 Cooking oil not only serves you for cooking needs, but can bring wholesome and easy wellness to your daily diet. Whether fried, roasted or cooked by any other method, olive oil serves best to all cooking needs. Use Extra Virgin Olive Oil for salad dressings, dips and flavoring, while Olive Pomace Oil is ideal for frying food and all other forms of Indian Cooking. Olive Oil-Extra Light serves best for stir frying, sauteing and shallow frying purpose. Packed with healthy fats and plethora of antioxidants, olive oil offers host of health benefits, from lowering the risk of heart diseases to keeping blood pressure in healthy range.

4. Dairy and eggs

 Dairy and eggs are everyday essentials. Choose skim or low-fat milk, fat-free or low-fat yogurt, low-fat cottage cheese and butter with hydrogenated oils.

5. Meat and Seafood

 Skinless chicken, ground turkey, salmon, halibut, trout and mackerel are some of the healthful meat and seafood options you should consider. Make sure to choose the leanest cuts when buying red meat.

There you go! Forget all the golden grocery shopping rules you have been told to date and just use the aforementioned on your next grocery shopping trip.