Metabolic Health – Markers and Measures

Cargill Metabolic Health Infographic - Markers & Measures
Leonardo Olive Oil April 4, 2016 Health and Nutrition 4498 Views

Metabolic health is an indicator of how the body uses energy from the food consumed. A healthy metabolism is imperative to feel better, energized and maintain a healthy weight.

The metabolic system encompasses several organs, hormones and enzymes working together. A disruption in metabolic process can cause a metabolic disorder, which is a result of having too much of some substances or too little of others needed to stay healthy.

The prevalence of metabolic dysfunctions is ever-increasing. Being mostly unrecognized among the populations, an effective intervention is urgently needed. There is a considerable potential for improvement in awareness, treatment and control of metabolic health issues.

The good news is that certain lifestyle changes can help you keep a check on metabolic health and also significantly reduce the burden of the related complications. Lifestyle modifications increase a person’s resting metabolic rate and also help in contributing to the desired energy balance for managing weight. Not just metabolic health and weight management, maintaining a healthy lifestyle can benefit you in countless ways.