Olive Oil Lamps

Olive Oil Lamps
Leonardo Olive Oil July 10, 2015 DIY 7301 Views

An olive oil lamp is an amazingly non-toxic and simple lamp that you can do-it-yourself. It emits light more than, an ordinary candle, and is a great option to kerosene-style oil lamps. The notion of using olive oil in the home rather than kerosene seems more pleasing and safe.

Ancient romans regularly used olive oil in their lamps, so, this concept is reliable. Pure olive oil will barely smoke, while other types of vegetable oils may emit smoke while burning.

For using it as lamp oil you can use inexpensive grades of olive oil, like pomace olive oil, rather than the expensive extra virgin oil. Go for a trusted brand, as you want pure olive oil not olive oil that’s been mixed other oils.

In ancient times olive oil lamps were shallow dishes of oil with a wick or rag held up. They were small clay bowls which a pinch of clay at one side of the bowl to hold the wick above the surface of the oil. You can use traditional diyas to make similar lamps.

The other option is using old jam jars or bottles. They look gorgeous and smell wonderful if you will add a bit of essential oils, some decorative flowers or artefacts.

Stuff you will need:

  • Olive oil
  • Old jam jar
  • Wick (keep in mind the bigger the jar, the thicker and longer wick you will need)
  • Wire or a paperclip
  • Matches
  • Essential oils
  • Dry flowers


  • Cut the wick as per the length of your jar.
  • Using the wire or paperclip, wrap one end around the tip of the wick, leaving about a 2cm end. Tightly bind it around the wick so that it does come loose but ensure it is not too tight as you will want to move the wick up with no difficulty.
  • With the other end of the wire, make a hook that clasps onto the side of your jar, then twist the rest of the wire to meet the centre of the jar, where the wick will stand.
  • Fill up the jar with olive oil, right up to the wick, leaving about a 1cm tip.
  • Add your choice of essential oils and some dry flowers to enhance the effect.
  • Light the candle and revel in the beautiful glow and fragrance of the essential oils.

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