Olive Pomace Oil: Tailor-made for Indian Kitchens

Olive Pomace Oil - Tailor-made for Indian Kitchens
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Indian kitchens are home to endless spices. And in this culinary arena, oils have a major role in dishing out mouth-watering fare. Traditionally, Indians are oil-obsessed foodies with most of our favourite delicacies requiring generous dollops of oil. However, different health problems associated with overuse of oil are also well known. Therefore, it’s important to choose a healthy oil that can help you stay healthy without compromising on the taste quotient. And olive pomace oil can be a good alternative.

Many tasty recipes cooked in Indian kitchens require stir frying or deep frying. Different studies suggest that the consumption of hydrogenated and vegetable oils may have a role in developing a number of health-related problems, including diabetes, hypertension, obesity, and cardiovascular diseases, among others. (1)

Olive pomace oil complements Indian kitchens in a number of ways. These include:

  • High Temperature Tolerance: Olive pomace oil is a variant of olive oil that is known to have high temperature tolerance without any taste and odour. This oil has a high smoking point, which helps lock natural nutrients of foods even when you deep-fry the food in it. Its nutritional properties are retained for long periods of time, and it also does not produce harmful substances even during deep frying.
  • Rich in Monounsaturated Fatty Acid: Food cooked in such oil is helpful in reducing the risk of developing breast cancer, cardiovascular diseases and other health-related problems (2). It has high levels of MUFA which does not get deposited on your body’s arterial walls. Due to this quality, it is easily digested in your body, and it does not affect your metabolism.
  • Low Absorbance: Owing to the presence of high MUFA, olive pomace oil forms a crust around the food. The crust ensures that the food absorbs less oil even during deep frying. With low absorbance, it becomes the ideal oil for cooking in Indian kitchens. Compared to the quantity of other cooking oils used, only about a third of olive pomace oil needs to be consumed to make the same amount of food. So, you end up consuming less oil.
  • High Oxidative Stability: Pomace olive oil is known to have high oxidative stability even at high temperatures. It does not react with oxygen no matter for how long you heat it. This means that it does not produce any harmful substances even when it is exposed to extremely high heat.

Considering all these positive attributes of olive pomace oil, it becomes important for Indians to make a conscious decision regarding their cooking oil. By doing this, they can ensure the well-being of their own selves as well as their families and loved ones. Olive pomace oil is one of the healthiest cooking oils that can fit the bill for Indian kitchens dishing out healthy and tasty food items.


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