Take Care of Your Heart with Olive Oil

Take Care of Your Heart With Olive Oil
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Through the ages, beginning from ancient civilizations, olive oil has been one of the most important oils in many countries. It is a staple food in Mediterranean countries, a geography where the longest-living and healthiest individuals have lived for centuries. Pressed out of the beneficial fruit of olive trees, it is a natural fatty acid that is healthy for your heart.

How is Olive Oil good for your Heart?

As we grow old, our heart goes through the normal process of aging, and the arteries no longer function as efficiently as they did in the person’s early life. According to a study, consuming a diet rich in monounsaturated fats like those found in olive oil can actually improve the arterial function, even among the elderly. In other words, consuming olive oil on regular basis can be extremely helpful in slowing down aging of the human heart. Endothelium is the cell layer that lines the inner walls of arteries, which help circulate blood smoothly. Olive oil is found to reduce endothelial dysfunction and damage with age.

With endothelium damage, endothelial micro-particles are released which replace the endothelial cells. When a person follows a diet rich in olive oil, the number of these damaging micro-particles reduce significantly. According to one study, endothelium in blood vessels is less affected by age-related deterioration among those consuming olive oil. As a result, such people gain protection future attacks from cardiovascular diseases.

Heart Benefits of Olive Oil

Olive cooking oil is found to have anti-oxidants, anti-inflammatory compounds and several macro-nutrients that are associated with heart-healthy benefits. Consuming olive oil on regular basis is known to reduce the prevalence of heart diseases and associated risk factors, including inflammation, depression, obesity, dementia, and others. Olive oil has oleic acid that is extremely healthy for your heart, and is capable of fighting free radical damage. Diets rich in olive oil are related to lower incidences of cardiovascular diseases, certain types of cancer, and atherosclerosis (4). Olive oil also contains biologically active phenolic that are known to have positive effects on your body, including in cases of oxidative damage, cellular and platelet function, anti-microbial activities, and plasma lipoproteins, among others.

How Olive Oil Boosts your Heart Health

High monounsaturated fats found in other cooking oils lower your LDL cholesterol level and raise your HDL cholesterol. Olive oil contains polyphenols, the powerful antioxidants that work to fight inflammation and protect your cardiovascular health. Sometimes, a person’s immune system starts fighting his own body, probably due to stress, poor diet, inflammation and other such responses. Under such a situation, the anti-inflammation response of olive oil comes to the rescue for the person’s overall health. Chronic inflammation can prove to be extremely harmful for arterial health, and it is frequently linked to autoimmune diseases and heart disease. Olive oil reverses age- and disease-related inflammation, taking the blood vessels and the heart back to their normal healthy state. By keeping arteries clear and dilated, olive oil is known to lower the blood pressure too.

Ways to include Olive Oil in your Diet

Depending on the type of Leonardo olive oil, you can use it in different healthy ways of eating. While you can increase the health benefits of your salad by drizzling some Extra Virgin Oil on it. Olive Oil – Extra Light can be a healthy choice for day-to-day use like in sauces or marinates for fish, meat, vegetables and poultry. And to the delight of Indians, Olive Oil – Extra Light is equally good for traditional Indian cooking as it can be used for tadka (also referred to as tempering) and preparing some delicious curries. Similarly, Olive Pomace Oil is your multitasking cooking oil that can be used for any types of cooking – be it frying or sautéing.

So, if you are conscious about your heart and want to enjoy a longer, healthier and more active life, then make olive oil a part of your everyday diet. Include it in your cooking, and keep your heart beating for you for much longer than you expect.



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