Olive Oil Benefits

According to Greek Legends, Olive tree has been the greatest gift to humankind by the Goddess Athena. Homer once defined olive oil as 'liquid gold'. Thomas Jefferson also proclaimed that it is the richest gift of heaven. For several hundred years, olive oil was considered as an extraordinary gift. Science has turned its exploratory eye upon it in recent years, and several studies have only made the belief stronger that olive oil is an incredible substance with various benefits.

Today, all across the world, more and more people are starting to find out what Mediterranean people have known for—precisely—7,000 years: the miracles of olive oil. A rich source of monounsaturated fatty acids, Leonardo Olive Oil offers host of health benefits, takes care of your skin and can be an aid in home care, as well. Learn more about this plant-based oil and why it is considered to be a blessing; be it for cooking or for any other use!

Health Benefits

It is now universally accepted that the Mediterranean countries have a low incidence of cardiovascular disease and high life expectancy.

Personal Care

Olive Oil, a good skin care treatment solution for all skin types. It can be used all over the body, on your skin and hair, proven to be a healthy, natural as well as a comforting solution for skin care needs.

Interesting tips

Olive oil is an excellent lubricant, its film moreover fills up tiny rough spots in surfaces, making them appear polished as well as shiny. Now, discover other amazing uses of olive oil except for cooking in the kitchen...