I first started using Olive Oil after listening and reading about from all the corners. Though I was bit skeptical at the start since my family is a stickler to their preferences for taste. So when I first cooked in Olive Oil, I didn't tell them. Nobody in my family realized the difference and my parents didn't even believe that the food was cooked in Olive Oil. I have been using it more than a year now and everybody in family loves it. Thank You Leonardo.

- Vivek Sharma

I am a big foodie and food purist at heart. I like my cravings to be fried than baked. And thus I am a bit obese too. My friend suggested switching my oil to Olive, so that I can at least eat healthier. I tried reluctantly and was surprised that my bhatooras tasted no different. I am now an Olive Oil user and lot fitter. Thank you Leonardo.

- Arnab Ghatak

I have an eighth month old daughter who has a very dry skin. One day my mother suggested that I should try Olive Oil (Jaitoon) for massaging my baby. I have been using it for past two months and the result has been very encouraging. Thank you Leonardo.

- Pooja Jain

I was shopping at Big Bazaar and the Leonardo team there explained me the benefits of using Olive oil for cooking and to prove it they made me taste food cooked in Olive oil, right at the store. The taste was amazing and got me hooked to this healthier way of cooking. Thank You Leonardo.

- Aakriti Singh

I love Mediterranean food and it tastes best in Olive Oil. After experimenting with many brands available in the market, I stumbled on Leonardo and my salads stared tasting Italian. And that's because Leonardo is imported from Italy. Thank You Leonardo.

- Akhtar Hussain

It is very healthy. Also the food cooked in it tastes very good. I am using Leonardo olive Oil-- Extra Vergin & Pomace for more than five years.

- Nirmal Mittal

I have been using leonardo olive oil for past 4 years, for frying, deep frying, its excellent, non sticky and healthy :)

- Banu Raghavan Borntoserve